For the Joy

FaithCamp West 2018
July 11 - July 15

Welcome to FaithCamp 2018

FaithCamp is a place where the Great Commission is embraced, celebrated, and encouraged. Where we can look deeper into the joyous work of planting and harvesting.

You will hear from missionaries and mission advocates. You'll have a chance to explore new possibilities for God's leading in your life.


  • Upper Columbia Academy
  • 3025 E Spangle Waverly Rd
  • Spangle, WA 99031

Dates and Times:

  • July 11 - July 15
  • Wed at 7pm
  • All Day Thurs - Sab
  • Sun until Noon

FaithCamp West 2017

@ Upper Columbia Academy

Watch Sermons from Past FaithCamps

Over the past 11 years there have been 15 FaithCamps in the US and 8 FaithCamps in Asia (the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia). God has truly blessed, and many families have been inspired to go to unreached areas to reconnect God's children to their heavenly Father.

You can watch some of these inspiring sermons. Just click on the links to the left.

As you watch, pray for the Holy Spirit's leading in your life. Who knows? Maybe you'll be inspired to go!