About the Speakers

Josh Bauder – Josh and his wife Chitlada ministered to children and the elderly in a Bangkok slum for three years. They initiated a sponsorship program for some teens in the slum to attend Chiang Mai Adventist Academy in northern Thailand. This opportunity was provided to hopefully break the chains of poverty for these teens and to help them know Jesus better. However, the adjustment to life outside the slum proved to be difficult for them. With God’s leading, Josh and Chitlada said good-bye to their work in the slum. They moved up to Chiang Mai to better support their “kids.” Now, they are raising six teenagers in their home, and Chitlada is pregnant with their first child. Life is nothing like they had ever imagined it would be, it’s better!

Frank Fournier – Frank is the Executive Vice President at Outpost Centers, International. Formerly the director of Riverside Farm in Zambia, and more recently president of Eden Valley Institute in Colorado, Frank and his wife, Janet, have a heart for missions.

Jonathan and Hannah Hill – Jonathan and Hannah are newlyweds who share a desire to live a surrendered life in the mission field. For the last couple of years, Jonathan has lived in Thailand and has traveled to various countries to shoot video for JFA Now programs as well as other videos that go online. After teaching at Sunshine Orchard for several years, Hannah recently took some time to study the Thai language and is excited to assist Jonathan in the continuing work of videography in the mission field.

Karen Lundby – Karen resides on a small farm in southeastern Montana with her husband of 27 years. She is the mother of five, a son and four daughters. She holds degrees in Psychology and Elementary Education. Karen spends much of her time homeschooling her two youngest daughters, but also enjoys gardening and being involved in her local church. She and her husband, Cameron, have shared a passion for supporting mission work. They have also partnered in what they feel is their highest calling, to prayerfully work to instill the great commission in the hearts of their children.

Miranda Lundby – Miranda is currently working toward her master’s in education while spearheading the development of a boarding academy in Cambodia with the Cambodia Adventist Mission. Education is an effective way to grow the church and retain our youth. It not only positively impacts the students, but also their families and community, progressing the Gospel throughout the country. The boarding school will be located near the city of Battambang. The first step will be to purchase land, about 9 acres, located 5-10 kilometers outside the city limits.

Roger Stone – Roger is a layman being used by God to teach and train pastors in India. He and his wife have also started at least two homes to help feed and tutor children and an orphanage. Roger has made himself willing to be used by God. God has provided more than Roger could even imagine to keep the work moving forward and spreading rapidly in India. Many whole congregations have become Seventh-day Adventist because the “Sunday” pastors have finally understood and accepted Biblical truth. Roger wants everyone to know from experience that God is behind all of His promises!!! He WILL keep His word!!! He does care for his own!!!

James Wood – James is the son of Natalie and Jon Wood, and he will be sharing about the new TV series “MissionTREK” where kids learn about missions by going and interviewing missionaries in the mission field.

Jon and Natalie Wood – Jon and Natalie are co-founders of Jesus for Asia, Inc., FaithCamp, and MissionTV. Jon has a passion for the “Big Picture” of missions. “How far do we still have to go before we see the fulfillment of Matthew 24:14?” is the question constantly on his mind. After realizing the amazing blessings inherent in committing all to missions they are excited to see others make the commitment and a “covenant with God through sacrifice.”