About the Speakers

Rudy and Michelle, and son Johann and daughter Laura Harnisch spent almost 7 years in Africa, mainly East Africa, returning in 2001. This was followed by a request from the BC Conference to pastor three churches in northern BC. While in Africa, they were in contact with numerous Muslims and the thought kept returning how can the closing message for this world be adapted to resonate with Muslim culture and thought? In the past we have had very little impact in sharing this info effectively with our Muslim neighbors.

Since returning from Africa, numerous books for sharing and tracts, videos have been developed to show effective ways to bridge the divide. Seventh day Adventists have a huge edge over other denominations in connecting effectively with Muslims. Across North America, Africa and Europe, Rudy continues to share what he has learned with those who have an earnest desire to reach the hearts of Muslims with the Three Angel’s Message. Currently Rudy is the Vice President of Administration and Finance for Amazing Facts Ministries Inc. in Canada. The entire family is highly involved with making Jesus’ Message their Mission. You can see their work at www.salahallah.com


Brian & Jessica Atwell are pioneering the first Center of Influence in Bangkok, Thailand, next to a university with 550,000 students! Brian and Jessica were part of FaithCamp in 2012 and saw the “I Want This City” series and decided to dedicate their lives to taking the Gospel to Thailand. Now God is moving beyond their wildest dreams.


Daniel & Lorna Dreher were a “settled down” couple who heard an unexpected call to be missionaries while attending FaithCamp 2013. In a faith venture, they moved to Thailand and developed and directed a training program for medical missionaries among the Karen people. Now, God is calling them into an even more challenging ministry. They will be sharing experiences of God’s guidance and lessons learned in the mission field.


Miranda Lundby is a twenty-one year old from Montana. She is currently working on her Master’s in Education with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction at AIIAS (Adventist International Institute for Advanced Studies) while at the same time serving as a missionary in Cambodia.

Since she was a small girl Miranda has had a passion for spreading the Gospel to the unreached through education.


Michael Dant is a 4th-generation Seventh-day Adventist who fell in love with Jesus thirty years after his baptism. This tragic delay originated from a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to surrender to Jesus. Now Michael seeks to share with others this transformational key to Delighting in the Almighty.

Currently Michael teaches Computer Science (and surrender) at Southern Adventist University, and lives in Collegedale, Tennessee with his wife, Julie, and their two college-age sons.

Check out the free “Delighting” app and Michael’s website at delighting.org


Kelly Meyer and his family sold their home and small business and spent 5 years ministering to the people of Thailand. There they developed a passion for missions and have seen the great need that exist. Now back in the United States, they have a desire to get others involved in the work. They want to see the church rise up to the call given in Matt 28:19, 20. Kelly is now working as West Coast Representative for Jesus for Asia, and also has started a ministry called, “Canvassing for Missions”. CFM encourages outreach here in this country, and through that outreach, supports foreign missions.


Martin Kim, along with his wife Liana, are serving in China as missionaries supported by ASAP Ministries. In March 2016, they stepped out in faith and decided to experience “The God Planned Life.” The following words best sum up their experience: “Great Is Thy Faithfulness!”


James Wood is the son of Natalie and Jon Wood. He will be sharing some of his new TV series “MissionTREK” where kids learn about missions by going and interviewing missionaries in the mission field.


Jon Wood, along with his wife Natalie, are co-founders of Jesus for Asia, Inc., FaithCamp, and MissionTV. Jon has a passion for the “Big Picture” of missions. “How far do we still have to go before we see the fulfillment of Matthew 24:14?” is the question constantly on his mind. After realizing the amazing blessings inherent in committing all to missions they are excited to see others make the commitment and a “covenant with God through sacrifice.”