FaithCamp West 2019

Come hear amazing stories of faith firsthand from missionaries serving on the front lines and from mission advocates on fire for God’s service. Be challenged to step out in faith to do more for God.

Speakers this year include:

Christina Adams – Christina is a mother of two daughters and one son. Her biggest desire is to see her children walking with God and serving others. She has dedicated her life to raising them for God. She has known Jesus for Asia and Jon and Natalie Wood for nearly 10 years and has been able to visit many projects in Thailand, Cambodia, and India twice. She feels honored to be a voice for the Bible Workers in India and will be sharing many of their stories during FaithCamp.

Brian and Jessica Atwell – After FaithCamp 2012, Brian, Jessica and their then 4-month-old son Asher, moved to Bangkok, Thailand because of the great opportunity available to share the gospel there. In a city of over 15,000,000 people there are less than 1% that profess to follow Jesus. The Atwells have set up a health-focused Center of Influence with the desire to facilitate relationships with the local people. Through native Bible workers and through this personal connection, they introduce people to the God that loves and watches over them. They have since been joined by little brother Joseph.

Daniel Bair – Daniel is the Director of the Love for Asia Foundation, which is Jesus for Asia’s organizational presence in Thailand that provides the legal means for our missionaries to stay and work in the country. He and his wife, Tesha, along with their four children (two boys and two girls, ages 9 to less than a year), have lived in Thailand since 2012. Their main purpose is to empower people to produce media of all types to share the gospel in Thailand. In addition to his duties at the Foundation, Daniel continues to study Thai to be more effective at sharing the Gospel with the Thai people.

Gem Castor – Gem is an itinerant missionary whose passion is to share Christ everywhere, anywhere, in every way possible. He has been leading out united prayer in General Conference Session, Divisions, Unions and Conferences during their annual and constituency meetings. He is also coordinating the prayer sessions in ASI, GYC, and various youth conferences in Asia. Inspired by the life of George Mueller, he has been on multiple mission trips internationally and locally, depending entirely on the Lord’s providence. His vibrant friendliness reflects the all-encompassing love of Christ towards His children. He will once again be coordinating the prayer sessions at FaithCamp West in addition to sharing what God has been doing in his life.

Edward and Cheryl Dunn – Edward has worked in various countries around the world helping people with their spiritual and physical healing. He was the Native Ministry Director for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Canada and at present is the Community Health Coordinator for Southern Asia Division for India, Nepal, and Bhutan. He is a Pastor and Health Educator with a master’s degree and PhD in Public Health. His wife, Cheryl, is the associate Community Health Coordinator for Southern Asia Division, where they work together as a team. Their passion is to develop centers of influence in each large city in India and to train lifestyle coaches to reach people with the gospel through health ministry.

Kerry Juliano – Kerry is a nurse working among the Karen hill tribe in the mountains of Thailand. She has had countless adventures and is currently learning the Karen language. She has been in Thailand a little over a year and loves every single day. Whether it’s suturing a wound, motorbike adventures, applying charcoal poultices, or working in the rice fields with the villagers, it all is part of serving the Lord where she has been called. God has gone above and beyond her dreams of being a missionary in a foreign land. Here she has found purpose, a home, and a love that she never knew could be experienced. One of her favorite quotes is by Ron Luce: “The Great Commission is the great adventure of Christianity.”

Miranda Lundby – Miranda is working toward building a Seventh-day Adventist boarding academy in collaboration with the Cambodia Adventist Mission. While the plans are moving forward for building the academy, a simultaneous project is also moving forward to train Cambodian teachers who will teach in Khmer, the language of Cambodia. Miranda and her team will train the students in evangelism and outreach, basic medical missionary work, and the Seventh-day Adventist fundamental beliefs. She prays that the Holy Spirit will ignite a spiritual fire in Cambodia through this program!

Lisa Sharon – Lisa is a missionary in Thailand where she and her family are doing front line mission work, taking in at risk children, and running a lifestyle clinic.

Dennis and Judy Skandunas – For the last eight years, Dennis and Judy have watched the Lord’s amazing creativity, power, and love in answering their prayer for longer-term mission work to express their gratitude to Him for all His blessings over the years. Although home in northern Idaho during the summer months, where Dennis maintains his painting business to fund the mission work, the Lord has led them during the fall and winter months to minister in remote villages in Alaska and several countries in Asia through a variety of activities. It has been a life-changing experience for them. Attendance at FaithCamp in previous years has been instrumental in providing a framework of possibilities for service.

Sharon Williams – Sharon’s dream of working full-time in ministry became reality in 2018 when she joined the staff at Jesus for Asia, providing administrative support. She has traveled to India and Colombia for mission trips, and she recently traveled to India again with the Jesus for Asia team. She was able to meet Bible Workers and visit Bethel Evening Schools. Her interest in mission intensified as she watched lives changed for Jesus. She is eager to share stories of what God is doing in India.

Jon and Natalie Wood – Jon and Natalie are co-founders of Jesus for Asia, Inc., FaithCamp, and MissionTV. Jon has a passion for the “Big Picture” of missions. “How far do we still have to go before we see the fulfillment of Matthew 24:14?” is the question constantly on his mind. After realizing the amazing blessings inherent in committing all to missions they are excited to see others make the commitment and a “covenant with God through sacrifice.”