About the Speakers

Daniel and Lorna Dreher – One of the greatest needs in sharing the gospel is training our workers into a deeper understanding of present truth and developing an Adventist lifestyle. Daniel and Lorna are gifted trainers who are developing a systematic curriculum for a 5-month program which they hope to utilize in many different places throughout India.

Gayle Haberkam – Gayle is a retired nurse who operates a clinic deep in the high jungle mountains of Thailand. She is working with the Karen people. She serves over 30 villages in the area with her medical skills and always looks for ways to share Jesus with the people. She is on fire for God and could not be happier doing HIS work. A favorite quote that Gayle lives by: “I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light.” John Keith Falconer.

Jonathan and Hannah Hill – Jonathan and Hannah are newlyweds who share a desire to live a surrendered life in the mission field. For the last couple of years, Jonathan has lived in Thailand and has traveled to various countries to shoot video for JFA Now programs as well as other videos that go online. After teaching at Sunshine Orchard for several years, Hannah recently took some time to study the Thai language and is excited to assist Jonathan in the continuing work of videography in the mission field.

Martin Kim – Martin and his wife Liana are serving in China as missionaries supported by ASAP Ministries. In March 2016, they stepped out in faith and decided to experience “The God Planned Life.” The following words best sum up their experience: “Great Is Thy Faithfulness!

Karen Lundby – Karen resides on a small farm in southeastern Montana with her husband of 27 years. She is the mother of five, a son and four daughters. She holds degrees in Psychology and Elementary Education. Karen spends much of her time homeschooling her two youngest daughters, but also enjoys gardening and being involved in her local church. She and her husband, Cameron, have shared a passion for supporting mission work. They have also partnered in what they feel is their highest calling, to prayerfully work to instill the great commission in the hearts of their children.

Harvey Steck – Harvey and his wife Brenda, along with their daughters Sharon and Hannah, have served for the past seven years in Thailand as volunteers at a school for Karen refugees on the Myanmar border. This is a transition time for their family, with Sharon beginning college in the USA, and Hannah marrying Jonathan Hill, another JFA missionary. Harvey, Brenda, Hannah, and Jonathan are planning to return to Thailand.

Roger Stone – Roger is a layman being used by God to teach and train pastors in India. He and his wife have also started at least two homes to help feed and tutor children and an orphanage. Roger has made himself willing to be used by God. God has provided more than Roger could even imagine to keep the work moving forward and spreading rapidly in India. Many whole congregations have become Seventh-day Adventist because the “sunday” pastors have finally understood and accepted Biblical truth. Roger wants everyone to know from experience that God is behind all of His promises!!! He WILL keep His word!!! He does care for his own!!!

James Wood – James is the son of Natalie and Jon Wood, and  he will be sharing about the new TV series “MissionTREK” where kids learn about missions by going and interviewing missionaries in the mission field.

Jon and Natalie Wood – Jon and Natalie are co-founders of Jesus for Asia, Inc., FaithCamp, and MissionTV. Jon has a passion for the “Big Picture” of missions. “How far do we still have to go before we see the fulfillment of Matthew 24:14?” is the question constantly on his mind. After realizing the amazing blessings inherent in committing all to missions they are excited to see others make the commitment and a “covenant with God through sacrifice.”