FaithCamp 2008 Video

Here are the videos of the sermons from FaithCamp 2008.  You will need the Quicktime Video application to play this video.   If you don’t already have it, You can get it for free here.

Another way to watch is to do a search for FaithCamp08 on YouTube.

You can download and listen to the Audio files Here.
01_Wednesday_Keynote: David Gates

02_Thursday_7am: Martin Kim

03_Thursday_9am: Tim & Wendy Maddocks

04_Thursday_11am: David Gates

05_Thursday_3pm: Venn Family

06_Thursday_4pm: Doug Venn

07_Thursday_7pm: Tim & Wendy Maddocks

08_Friday_7am: Martin Kim

09_Friday_9am: Tim & Wendy Maddocks

10_Friday_11am: David Gates

11_Friday_3pm: Jon Wood

12_Friday_7pm: Tim & Wendy Maddocks

13_Sabbath_7am: Martin Kim

14_Sabbath_9am: Tim & Wendy Maddocks

15_Sabbath_11am: David Gates

16_Sabbath_3pm: Derrol & Cindy Sawyer

17_Sabbath_4pm: Becky Gates

18_Sabbath_7pm: Tim Maddocks

19_Sunday_7am: Martin Kim

20_Sunday_9am: David Gates

21_Sunday: Panel Discussion