Video Status

Dear friends and FaithCamp family,

I’m very sorry about the delay with getting the video edited and available for you.  The format we chose this year have caused us considerable delay in getting the video to the place where we can start editing.  And now we are running out of time.  We are praying for a live switcher for next FaithCamp (which is in November in the Philippines) but for now are praying for a dedicated editor that’s willing to put some time into getting this finished for everyone to view.

Thank you for your patience,

Audio Available

FaithCamp 2009 was such a blessing, and now we have the audio available in mp3 format for downloading and listening. Just check out the link to the right or click here.

FaithCamp Philippines

FaithCamp has been such a blessing that we’ve decided to answer the call for the same thing in Central Philippines.  Please join us this November 25-28, 2009 in Iloilo.

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Online Registration

Many of you should have received the printed registration by mail, but you may prefer to register online (like I would – save the stamp!).  The link to the right “Camp Registration” will give you several options for registering early.

FaithCamp Approaching

Well, God is bringing FaithCamp to fruition again this year.  And what a powerful time it will be!  God is forming new messages for His people to encourage a deeper experience by accepting what is really entailed in being a Christian in this time of earth’s history.

Remember – the last weekend in June is the Third Annual FaithCamp! “…to encourage in one another that living faith.”

FaithCamp 2009 Dates

We have spent considerable time trying to find a weekend that would conflict with as few other campmeetings as possible (and allow David and Becky time together on their anniversary).

So, the dates for FaithCamp 2009 are:

The 4th Weekend of June, the 24 – 28, 2009 (Wednesday through Sunday).

See you There!

FaithCamp Tagline

We are to encourage in one another that living faith that Christ has made it possible for every believer to have. The work is to be carried forward as the Lord prepares the way. When he brings His people into straight places, then it is their privilege to assemble together for prayer, remembering that all things come of God. Those who have not yet shared in the trying experiences that attend the work in these last days, will soon have to pass through scenes that will severely test their confidence in God. It is at the time when His people see no way to advance, when the Red Sea is before them, and the pursuing army behind, that God bids them “Go forward.” Thus He is working to test their faith. When such experiences come to you, go forward, trusting in Christ. Walk step by step in the path He marks out. Trials will come, but go forward. This will give you an experience that will strengthen your faith in God, and fit you for truest service.  {PC 284.2}

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