BibleSlice4x3_3418We believe that the Lord gave each of us the gift of the Great Commission for a purpose beyond just reaching the world with the hope of eternal salvation. He gave it for the work of fitting our characters to be like His and to stand in the final test. One of His strongest character traits is His love and work in reaching the lost. And when we begin to share His burden and join and follow Him in His effort to reach out, then something happens to us. We begin to feel our need for Faith in Him to overcome great obstacles. We start to feel our need for relying by Faith on the word as it is in the Bible. We begin to exercise our Faith through prayer because He will bring us into places where we need Heaven’s resources to accomplish the task. And this kind of Faith work develops the kind of people that follow the lamb whithersoever He leads.

About faithFaithCamp is really about missions. Then why call it FaithCamp? Because the only way we can really do missions God’s way is to learn and exercise Faith. And the best way to learn and exercise Faith is to do missions! “Give ye them to eat” was first spoken to His disciples – men of flesh and blood like us. They could not follow His words because they lacked Faith. So it is today – we cannot really give the Gospel to the world because we lack Faith. But we can gain this faith.

Are you stuck in your experience with Christ? Would you like to climb higher? Would you like to know if Jesus can be trusted in everything? That’s what this camp is about. Come see and hear from people that are trusting God’s word to the extreme. And others that are just beginning to test His truthfulness in venturing, like Peter, out of the boat. Peter stood on the command “Come” and walked on water. And now people are learning to stand on the word “Go.” Won’t you join us?


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