Christina Adams – Christina is a mother of two daughters and one son. Her biggest desire is to see her children walking with God and serving others. She has dedicated her life to raising them for God. She has known Jesus for Asia and Jon and Natalie Wood for 10 years and has been able to visit many projects in Thailand, Cambodia, and India three times.

Brian and Jessica Atwell (via Skype) – Brian and Jessica moved to Thailand in 2014 not knowing what God wanted them to do. While studying the language God impressed them to open a business as a Center of Influence in Bangkok, a city of more than 12 million people. The F5 Challenge Center builds relationships with people through the rock climbing gym and outdoor rock climbing trips. There is also a bakery providing healthy baked goods and space for a restaurant to open soon. Church service is held in the building weekly as well. The next phase of the ministry is setting up the Outpost Center which would double as not only a retreat for Atwell family and Thai staff, but also for customers. The land currently being negotiated for is at the base of a high mountain in Central Thailand where Brian conducts rock climbing trips. The concept is to have a campground where people can stay and climb. It would also double as a campground our church and international schools could use for events as the local conference doesn’t own a property like this.

Josh and Chitty Bauder (via Skype) – Josh and Chitty are missionaries in Thailand. Their goal is to take children who are in bad situations and are far from God and bring them into their family and closer to God. They are share Christ’s character 24/7 with 9 teens and 2 children.

Gem Castor (via Skype) – Gem is currently the Prayer Coordinator of ASAP Ministries.  He is also an itinerant missionary whose passion is to share Christ everywhere, anywhere, in every way possible. He has been leading out united prayer in General Conference Session, Divisions, Unions and Conferences during their annual and constituency meetings. He is also coordinating the prayer sessions in ASI, GYC and various youth conferences in Asia. Inspired by the life of George Mueller he has been to multiple mission trips internationally and locally, depending entirely on the Lord’s providence. His vibrant friendliness reflects the all-encompassing love of Christ towards His children.

Betty Crawford – Betty currently lives Anchorage, Alaska. She works as an auditor with a CPA firm and is active with an online prayer ministry.

Gayle Haberkam (via Skype) – Gayle is 67 years old and has practiced Emergency Department nursing in the past as an RN for 23 years. God has definitely called her and Blet Jhaw, (a young Karen man) to work together as medical missionaries deep in the isolated jungles of Thailand with the Karen people for over 10 years now.  God has still not released them from this work!  Gayle has grown closer to God and to these people each year as she experiences His great miracle working power on her personally by saving her life multiple times and enabling her to perform many unlearned skills, such as preaching and evangelism, pulling teeth, handling trauma, and treating many types of diseases.  As a result, she can walk through every village and see the people young and old who would have died if she had not been here!  Gayle fervently proclaims this is God’s working and not hers!  But even better than that is indescribable joy of seeing God work on the hearts of the people.  The medical work builds a bridge to the hearts, causing many people to want to know the God she worships. It is slow work because the adults are ignorant.  Most of them cannot read or write.  The majority of people in the villages use opium, drink, smoke, chew beetle nut, and eat everything!  Many worship the devil and practice all kinds of witchcraft superstitions and sorcerers, but their little church attendance has grown from 5 or 6 people to 60-65!  There have been 30 baptisms and presently Gayle and Blet Jhaw are giving Bible studies to 3 families who are eagerly learning the way of salvation!  This is ultimate joy for Gayle! All the hardships along the way pale in significance! Gayle will tell you that she has the greatest job in the world because she gets to tell others about Jesus every day!

Jim and Irene Hill – Jim was given a call in 2011 to help with gardens/agriculture at a mission school in Thailand, but that door closed. After three visits to Thailand, Jim and Irene’s hearts were burdened with the spiritual needs there. They moved to Bangkok in Feb 2019 to study the language. Recently the Thailand Adventist Mission (TAM) asked Jim to start an agriculture program to produce food and develop a student work program for the Mae Lako Christian School on the western border. They hope to return to Thailand in August 2020 and trust that God will bless their willing hearts.

Billy and Natalie Howell – Billy and Natalie attended FaithCamp East in the fall of 2018. While there they felt an overwhelming need to answer the call to go and work for the Master. We decided to work alongside Miranda Lundby with the Cambodian Mission Project. After many trails and struggles and over abundant blessings from the Lord, we were able to go to Cambodia January of this year. It was an amazing experience. We realize the need is great, but we realize that we are in the center of God’s will doing what He has asked each of us to do.

Hannah Jobe – Hannah has been working with Jesus for Asia as a writer since 2019. She has enjoyed going on short term mission trips since she was fifteen, but her love for missions grew after her semester as a student missionary in Ecuador. When Hannah took her first trip to Asia in January 2020, she was inspired by the dedication of the Bible Workers and missionaries in sharing the love of Jesus with unreached and underserved people groups.

Karen Lundby – Karen is a licensed teacher and holds degrees in Elementary Education and Psychology. She is also a wife and mother of five children, three grown and two she is still homeschooling. She believes God calls individuals to continually learn, grow, and serve wherever they are, and to be willing to follow Christ wherever He calls.

Miranda Lundby – Miranda is working toward building a Seventh-day Adventist boarding academy in collaboration with the Cambodia Adventist Mission. While the plans are moving forward for building the academy, a simultaneous project is also moving forward to train Cambodian teachers who will teach in Khmer, the language of Cambodia. Miranda and her team will train the students in evangelism and outreach, basic medical missionary work, and the Seventh-day Adventist fundamental beliefs. She prays that the Holy Spirit will ignite a spiritual fire in Cambodia through this program!

Eugene Prewitt – Eugene and Heidi live in Malaysia where, since 2015, they have been training missionaries and church planting. At present, under Eugene’s umbrella, are three campuses, two canvassing programs, a vibrant ministry to Muslims, a translation and publishing venture, and a refugee ministry.

Jason Raney

Ray and Phoebe Sikich – Ray and Phoebe have been working in the mission field since 2010 and 2013. They have worked in Mexico, Belize, and the Philippines. There is now a new little missionary, Skyler, who joined the team April 11, who they are working on getting a passport for to return to the Philippines where they work with Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services. Ray is a pilot and mechanic and Phoebe is a nurse and now a mom. Flights are made to the hard to reach areas where they work closely with pastors and churches and also helping transport patients. Please pray with them as they prepare to return to the Philippines

Dennis and Judy Skandunas – Dennis and Judy began experiencing the joy of service on projects with their children through Maranatha Volunteers, igniting their desire for more!  Over the years the Lord has answered their prayers to participate on longer-term projects, for the last nine years spending winter months as part-time missionaries in various locations in the world.  They will share how they saw the ” fields white [ripe] already to harvest” during the four months spent this past winter in India and Nepal.

Joseph Story – Joseph received his BA in Theology from Southern Missionary College in 1970 and his MDiv from Andrews University in 1972.  He added a MSc in Nursing from Pace University in 1984. He was a student missionary in Indonesia, served as a pastor in Pakistan and in Kentucky, Alaska, Michigan, Nebraska, and the Dakotas. He has conducted evangelism in the United States, Pakistan, India, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Honduras.  Although he retired in 2013, he still preaches, does temporary assignments as a Nurse Practitioner, and enjoys doing evangelism on mission trips.  He lives with his wife, Jimmie, in Tunnel Hill, Georgia.

Jeff and Fawna Sutton – Jeff and Fawna have been serving in the mission field for 15 years. Jeff is a pilot, high school director, builder, and project coordinator. For the past 7 years he has run the training center he founded and established called MOVE, which is a supporting ministry to the Belize Union of Seventh-day Adventists. Jeff and Fawna have three kids, all of whom have been born while serving in the mission field. Jeff studied theology at Southern Adventist University.

Rich Sutton – Rich and his wife Pam started Mexico Missions in 1987 when they launched their first trip with a small youth group to help Ovid McPhearson build a church in Mexico. The purpose of the trip was to change the thinking of the young people and to encourage them to be mission minded. Their goal for the thirty years of building churches in Mexico is still the same, “changing lives through short-term missions!

Ramon and Shandy Tengkano (via Skype) – Ramon and Shandy have experiences of conversion to share, stories of faith to tell, and the message of Christ’s second Advent to teach viewers, because they were saved by Jesus in 2008 from the lives of no faith and hope. They run the first Adventist satellite television in Indonesia. The ministry has been running since 2011, and it reaches the cities as well as remote places where churches cannot even be established. With programs running 24/7, the ministry encounters the dynamics of Indonesia’s 250 million population of 17,000 islands and 200 ethnic groups of non-Christian majority, speaking 400 different dialects. Ramon and Shandy also serve the local community through education and dental and social outreach in the poor village they moved to in 2010. Through all the challenges, the time they have spent, and finances they have exhausted they learn that it is the love of Jesus that they receive as He reaches in, and the same love that urges them to reach out.

Sharon Williams – Sharon’s dream of working full-time in ministry became reality in 2018 when she joined the staff at Jesus for Asia. She has traveled to India and Colombia for mission trips and has traveled twice to India again with the Jesus for Asia team. She met Bible Workers and visited Bethel Evening Schools. Her interest in mission intensified as she watched lives changed for Jesus. If God opens the door, Sharon plans to go to Mumbai for 3 – 4 months later in 2020 to collaborate with the Mumbai Metro Section in developing an Urban Center of Influence in the city. She is eager to share stories of what God is doing in India.

Jon and Natalie Wood – Jon and Natalie are co-founders of Jesus for Asia, Inc., FaithCamp, and MissionTV. Jon has a passion for the “Big Picture” of missions. “How far do we still have to go before we see the fulfillment of Matthew 24:14?” is the question constantly on his mind. After realizing the amazing blessings inherent in committing all to missions they are excited to see others make the commitment and a “covenant with God through sacrifice.”